Strongly influenced by the experiences and impressions from the daily life of her partner, Ives Mergaerts, Nicky Myny created a quirky and original series of portraits of people who have a memorable place in the musical landscape of the last few decades. They are all very unique persons who Ives personally knows or knew and they left a particular imprint in our collective memory as a 'human' and as an 'artist' as well.

Music and paint flow together ...

Painted portraits arose from Synesthesia. It is a snapshot that results in a painting made in the sphere of their private recording studio. As Nicky retreats as a hermit, listening and exploring the creations of the artist himself, she immerses in an environment of inspiration, art and soul ..

This combination has created a concert in the front row, in color, paint, music and passion. These snapshots get a different meaning for each of us.

In short: "Face the Music"