Nicky Myny is a Belgian multidisciplinary visual artist. Born in Hasselt in 1986, she grew up in a family of bakers. Early childhood impressions seem to have a huge influence on the work she creates later in life. She was left astonished when her grandfather deconstructed old furniture and reconstructed it, giving it new shape and purpose. And she definitely inherited the love for textile from her mother and grandmother, who acquired the craftmanship of diverse skills. 

"My grandparents learned me to celebrate the human, the marks people make on the world and to treasure the ordinary, whatever is made out of caring.”, she says.

She studied Fashion Design and finished her Master's Degree in Visual Arts at PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt. 

Her large colorful and gestural paintings and conceptual fashion design made a loud arrival into the world of art from the moment they started showing at galleries and on festival stages. Her unique style and curious subject matter have captured the attention of art lovers and collectors across the globe. Her work is held within private collections across the world, from France to Hong Kong.

As well as working on her own collections, shows and special projects, Myny has also collaborated with several doctors, artists, designers and musicians including Protean Prosthetics (2015), Arte Real (2017), Brides of Lucifer (2017), .... Her work has received critical acclaim in culture media press and in the international artistic forum. Her work has been exhibited since 2014. She strives to explore new and surprising ways to present her hybrid artforms.

Myny currently works full-time as an artist, designer and inspirator in Leuven, Belgium. Fascinated by revealing the hidden potential of the unknown, transformation and driven by emotion she created the multi-disciplinary art studio ARTKOM,  that hosts collaborative work, commissions and creative consultation. 


Nicky Myny has been selected by the Order of The Netherlands y la Hispanidad who nominated her as meritorious artist to receive the honorary title ‘Silver Cross of Merit’ to honor people who differentiated themselves by their efforts on the artistic, social and cultural scene. 

De Gotische Zaal, Brusselse Stadhuis
23 november 2018