Nicky Myny experiences life being in a constant flux. 

She's fascinated by the potential of the unknown and creates driven by emotion . She believes that every experience moulds us. With our own brave intervention we can re-shape our lives giving them more meaning, more color, more joy, … 

Most of her inspiration comes from the ordinary (daily encounters, nature, the human figure) and a sense of ambiguity. Her natural implication of mixed media art is as a mode of documenting events and recording her daily encounters, current condition and observationas she passes through life.  

It is not an act or a medium. It simply is the fundament showing who she is as a person. "I am a painter first and that defines every other aspect of my life.”, she says.

About the work

Nicky Myny’s large scale, colorful and gestural paintings emerge by sensory interpretations bridging the thoughts between what is known and how it is felt (intuitive). By composing a narrative in an expressive and slightly surrealistic way, the goal of her art is to not only bring a unique beauty to seemingly insignificant things, but also to create a physical exhibition of her daily observations on objects, behaviors, interactions, and other abstract moments. 

She is questioning the nature of painting as is,  and discovering where her own practice is situated. 

She is interested in how her paintings might operate independently from their intuitive foundation; how they might engage abstractly, pulling the viewer from the sutures of the subject to invite understandings beyond the confines of the painted picture.

Her recent works eschew any purely figurative classification, conceptually rooted in notions of documenting and recording her state of mind, the tension between vulnerability and strength, in favor of a practice that allows for a growing sense of technical exploration and conceptual experimentation. 

Her art reflects the attempt to understand a conscious continuation of mind and body. She creates a harmony between the facts, the principles and the person contemplating the natural order of time in conjunction with the ether, this way questing a method to counterbalance the enigma of the unknown.